Welcome to Bonanza Convent Hr. Sec. School,Satna,The Best School in Satna

Bonanza Convent Hr. Sec. School was established in the year 1986 at Satna (M.P) since then we are providing high quality education as our Alumni has strongly proved themselves in various phases of life. After achieving greater heights in last 28 years we have added one more milestone by providing Well Equipped, Modern & Technically upgraded infrastructure at our new campus which is located in the heart of the city, Badkhar, Satna.

Bonanza Convent Higher Secondary School believes excellence in education & all round development of a child. Here we enjoy peaceful environment, beautiful surroundings and a remarkable history. The school attracts people who are bright, talented and energetic. The varied and enriching education at Bonanza Convent Hr. Sec. School enables boys and girls to express their talents in and out of the classroom. As child progress through the School, we actively develop their character and skills while instilling courtesy and graciousness, to help them in making positive contribution in later life.

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The mission of the institute is to impart an all round education to the children, inculcating in them feelings of patriotism and brotherhood and make them spiritual and pure minded persons to elevate the tone of the society in which they live and move & finally become a Superman.

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To shape the young talent into responsible and reliable individuals. To provide top class educational infrastructure and amenities. To have an enviable teaching faculties who conducts themselves with professional decorum. To enroll a skilled faculty who removes the drudgery of academic teaching and making it challenging and interesting leading to systematic logical thinking. To instill in our students confidence, discipline and self esteem.

To inculcate a positive attitude, teamwork and a strong sense of patriotism. To make the students excel in the sports activity of their choice and to which they are naturally talented with a sense of true sportsmanship. To awaken their artistic, creative nature and leadership qualities. To give more of behavioral and practical education in comparison with theoretical education.

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From The Desk of CHAIRMAN

Our aim is to provide a safe, success-oriented, culturally responsive educational environment which will develop responsible, respectful, productive & well-adjusted individuals in an ever-changing world.


Our MOTO is excellence in education and all round development of a student. Thus promoting a peaceful and harmonious environment, where everyone can co-exist irrespective of class, creed and culture. We pray God for blessing our student with good health, wisdom, talent and great success in every walk of life.